Six Factors Determine Knowledge-Worker Productivity

In his book Management Challenges for the 21st Century, Peter Drucker identified six major factors that determine knowledge-worker productivity:

Knowledge-worker productivity demands that we ask the question: “What is the task?” Knowledge workers themselves must define the task.
It demands that we impose responsibility for their productivity on the individual knowledge workers themselves. Knowledge workers have to [...]

What Exactly is Knowledge Work?

We’ve all heard of knowledge work but what exactly is it?  Doesn’t all work require some level of knowledge?  What then distinguishes knowledge work from manual work?
The term “knowledge work” was coined by Peter Drucker in his book Landmarks of Tomorrow which was first published in 1959.  More than half a century later, there still [...]

Henry Ford Revs the Engine of Productivity

In what is considered to be one of the greatest business decisions of all time (Harnish et al., 2012), Henry Ford provides a classic example of how productivity can be a force for prosperity.  A force that can make it possible to achieve the seemingly incompatible business goals of reducing prices for customers, increasing wages [...]