IE: Key to Prosperity in the 20th Century AND the 21st Century?

Frederick Winslow Taylor
Frederick Winslow Taylor is credited with being the first person to systematically study manual work and in 1911, he published The Principles of Scientific Management which summarized his findings.  In the introduction to his book, Taylor notes that while people can see and feel the waste of material resources, the larger waste of [...]

Henry Ford Revs the Engine of Productivity

In what is considered to be one of the greatest business decisions of all time (Harnish et al., 2012), Henry Ford provides a classic example of how productivity can be a force for prosperity.  A force that can make it possible to achieve the seemingly incompatible business goals of reducing prices for customers, increasing wages [...]

RVP Greetings!

Hi fellow IE’s!  I would like to introduce myself as the inbound Western Regional VP.  Thank you Mike for the past 3 years, and continuing to mentor me during this time.
I am looking forward to supporting you all the next 3 years and growing professionally as well.
Regards, Raymund Mui

Clarion Call to IEs: Let’s Improve Knowledge-Worker Productivity

The most important, and indeed the truly unique, contribution of management in the 20th century was the fifty-fold increase in the productivity of the manual worker in manufacturing. The most important contribution management needs to make in the 21st century is similarly to increase the productivity of knowledge work and knowledge workers. The most valuable [...]