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Six Factors Determine Knowledge-Worker Productivity

In his book Management Challenges for the 21st Century, Peter Drucker identified six major factors that determine knowledge-worker productivity:

Knowledge-worker productivity demands that we ask the question: “What is the task?” Knowledge workers themselves must define the task.
It demands that we impose responsibility for their productivity on the individual knowledge workers themselves. Knowledge workers have to […]

RVP Greetings!

Hi fellow IE’s!  I would like to introduce myself as the inbound Western Regional VP.  Thank you Mike for the past 3 years, and continuing to mentor me during this time.
I am looking forward to supporting you all the next 3 years and growing professionally as well.
Regards, Raymund Mui

Productivity – Force for Prosperity or Mayhem?

OK, so here’s the situation.  You manage a business and the owner of the business comes to you and says that you must achieve the following goals:

Reduce prices for customers
Increase the wages of the employees
Improve the profitability of the business

What thoughts would cross your mind?  Perhaps something like, “And, did you want that yesterday?” or […]

IIE Los Angeles Chapter Las Vegas Meeting 2013

IIE Los Angeles welcomes Western Region members to Las Vegas! Join us for a weekend of ideas, professional development and entertainment. Meet IIE members from across the Western United States. Special hotel rate available until 2/6/2013.

How To Avoid Job Interview Brain Freeze

Have you ever experienced brain freeze during a job interview? You are asked a question and your mind goes blank—it’s horrifying. You lose composure as well as confidence. Your interview goes down hill from there. Brain freeze most often happens as a result of behavioral or situational interview questions that are not anticipated before hand. […]

IIE Western Regional Student Conference 2013–Feb 22-24

Join IIE for the Western region Student conference at the University of Arizona.
The conference will be hosted by the University of Arizona this year in beautiful Tucson, Arizona. Come enjoy the great weather and discover the possibilities of industrial engineering. Join us as we take tours of some of the local Tucson companies and hear […]

Does 6-sigma apply to software development?

Often, people will ask, “can I use 6-sigma for software development?” The short answer is yes. I explain why below.
Like any process, software development can be viewed as a sequence of activities, so process improvement techniques like 6-Sigma will apply. Below, I explain how two Statistical Quality Control (SQC) tools, design of experiments and control […]

Ten Signs of Job Dissatisfaction—Don’t Ignore Them!

Are you completely happy with your current job? If not, now is a great time to analyze your job satisfaction. There are ten sure signs that you are experiencing job dissatisfaction. If you:

Dread Mondays or coming to work
Can’t wait for Friday
Are often bored at work
Feel tired or chronically fatigued
Avoid your boss and dread meetings […]

Call for IIE Western Region Writers and Articles

The IIE Western Region Blog Writer will contribute articles for publication on the IIE Western Region blog. We would like you to write and or collect articles by industrial engineering professional, professors, and other students. Also contributions of research, evaluation of software, individual interest projects, and book reviews.

· Ability to work independently within a set of guidelines
· Write short, […]

How To Write the Perfect Cover Letter

How To Write the Perfect Cover Letter
Your cover letter has only one job. It is meant to entice the reader to open and read your resume. Sounds simple, but job seekers often stress as much over their cover letter as they do the resume. If this sounds like you, relax, there is a simple approach […]